Summer Baseball

Updated Monday June 20, 2016 by Sean O'Bannon.

Summer Ball Registration is open.  Basic overview of the program.

This is an age based program where teams from Hamilton Wenham play other teams in the region.  There are several tournaments that begin as early as June 28 and run into August.  Each team will play at least 2 tournaments.

Playing Summer Ball and representing Hamilton Wenham Little League is a great honor and one that should make you proud.  We are proud of you and are very pleased to offer you this opportunity!  Summer Ball roster spots are premium spots as not every child is able to play each summer.  Therefore, Hamilton Wenham Little League has set the following expectations should you agree to participate this summer. 

  • You will be 100% committed to your team and will attend all games during the month of July.  Any and all conflicts will be discussed with your Manager and Coaches well in advance of the conflict.  The Coaching staff will determine if the conflict encroaches upon the team commitment.   If so, you may need to choose between the team and your other activities that conflict with your commitment to summer baseball.
  • As a representative of Hamilton Wenham and Hamilton Wenham Little League, you will always act in accordance with our Player Code of Conduct.   You can locate this expectation on line at
  • You will be willing to play any position on the field and understand that you may sit out more innings than you play.  You will maintain a positive attitude and encourage all of your teammates at all times.
  • While on the field, it is expected that you will respect the game, your opponent, your team, the fans and all Coaches and Umpires.   We expect you to hustle and be in a ready position at all times.  This will be a higher level of baseball and readiness is essential.
  • You are expected to not use Social Media as a means of announcing your placement on this team.  You are expected to always speak positively about your team and teammates on Social Media and you will not speak negatively towards other teams including other Hamilton Wenham teams or teams from other towns.  

Other specifics:

  • You will receive an Summer Baseball Shirt with your name and number on the back.  
  • You will also be given an HW Summer hat.   
  • You will NOT receive, but will need WHITE baseball pants, a Navy Baseball Belt and Navy Baseball Socks. 
  • The Cost of Summer Baseball is $150 per player ($200 for Williamsport 12A Team).
  • You are required to register for Summer Baseball on starting on Monday, June 20th.