Williamsport Selection Process

Updated Wednesday December 30, 2015 by Sean O'Bannon.

Williamsport Selection Process


HWLL Williamsport player eligibility will subscribe to the policy set forth by International Little League as published in the ILL current year Rule Book for Tournament play with the following clarification;

A HWLL 11 yr old player is to have exhibited such superior skill and possess a “Williamsport starting player” level of play, that the selection over a 12 yr old is recommended without reservation, serves the best interest of the team and satisfies the HWLL overall player development objective. For a HWLL 11 yr old player to be placed on the Williamsport Team, that player must receive a 2/3 combined majority vote from among the Managers and Player’s ballot.

  1. Manager Nominations – Each coach shall nominate his team’s players that he believes should be considered for selection to the Williamsport All Star Team. He should provide a description of each nominated player’s strengths and weaknesses and state reasons why the player is worthy of Williamsport consideration. The manager will answer questions regarding a player’s abilities if posed by those attending the meeting. A list of all nominated players shall be compiled and made available to the coaches.
  2. Player Vote - All 11 and 12 year old Major League Players will vote for who they believe should be on the Williamsport All Star Team. Players will vote for 11 players. Player votes will be distributed, collected, tallied and sorted by majority by a current BOD member acting as Player Agent and Major League Director.
  3. Player Agent Role - The Hamilton Wenham Little League Board will appoint a Player Agent to represent the votes cast by the players. This Player Agent will nominate the “Player Vote” during the Williamsport selection process. Player agent will be a BOD member who is not a parent of a player that is eligible for Williamsport consideration nor a Major League Manager or coach. In the event of a tie on player ballots the Player Agent shall: a) In the event of a tie between a 12 yr old and 11 yr old player select the 12 yr old player as the nominated player. In the event players are of same age, Player Agent shall, at selection meeting, bring to the attention of the Managers said tie among players. Managers under guidance and auspices of Major League Director discuss each player’s abilities to determine selection of player the player agent is to nominate.
  4. Round 1 Voting – Each coach shall select in writing 11 players from the list of nominated players that he/she believes to be the most deserving to be selected to the Williamsport team. The player vote will be treated as a ninth coach’s list and will be represented by the Player Agent. Based on the results of this written ballot process, only unanimous picks, players appearing on each and every coach’s list and on the player vote top 11 list, will be placed on the Williamsport roster. League Director will tally the ballots and announce the results.
  5. Discussion of Remaining Players – The Major League Director shall facilitate an open discussion of the remaining nominated players. The goal should be an open exchange of information on player strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  6. Round 2 Voting – This round of voting shall be essentially identical to Round 1 voting. In round 2 the number of players listed by each Manager shall be equal to the remaining number of roster positions from the original number of roster spots. For example, if the target is eleven players on the roster, and five were placed on the roster in round 1, then each Manager and the Player Agent would list their top six choices from the remaining pool of nominated players. Similar to Round 1, players receiving unanimous selection from all the Manager ballots and the Player Agent ballot would placed on to the Williamsport roster.
  7. Discussion of Remaining Players – Same as Round 2, very focused discussion on the players that seem to be most “in the mix” for the remaining roster spots.
  8. To the extent the 11-person roster is not filled after the first 2 rounds of voting, the Major League Director shall call for another round of voting after the focused discussion. In this voting process, each Manager and the Player Agent will be allowed to vote only for players from the pool of remaining nominated players. The votes shall be tallied, and the player(s) receiving the highest number of majority votes shall be placed in the remaining roster spots. Majority is defined as a receipt of more than fifty percent of total eligible ballots voted in the round. e.g. 9 ballots cast - the majority would be 5 votes. 

    If vote results in players tied with number of votes (e.g., the nine Manager/Player Agent voting results are 2-2-2-1-1-1) and the tied number exceeds available roster spots, then there shall be a round of discussion and open assessment of the higher vote tally players only (the players receiving the 2 votes). After sufficient discussion, League Director will direct a re-vote. Managers and Player Agent (assuming player is listed on Player’s Ballot) shall vote for one of the top vote tally players. If the vote remains tied and there is not a majority of votes realized in this process round, then the roster spot shall be filled by the player receiving the highest # of votes on the player’s ballot. If, on the Player’s ballot, the player is tied with another, League Director will direct for further discussion and vote between these tied player ballot nominees.
  9. If there is only one roster spot left and two players tie for votes received in a “one Vote” voting round, (sec 8 above) then, in the order listed below, will occur:
    1. If one of the players is a 12 year old and one is an 11 year old, the roster spot shall be given to the 12 year old.
    2. The 12 yr old player receiving the highest number of votes from the Players Vote, assuming that player is ranked on the Players Vote, shall then be chosen for the Williamsport roster.
    3. If there is still a tie, then 12 players versus 11 will be placed on the roster by the coaches
  10. After the 11 spots are filled, the Williamsport Manager will be selected by a HWLL Board vote. The Manager gets to choose the remaining players and whether to field a 12 or 13 man roster. Manager will be fully apprised of the voting tallies and discussion at the Coaches meeting before making his selection. The Manager selections need to be in consultation with the Major League Director and HWLL President.